About B-Side Project

The B-Side Project started in 2009 as a UK wide project based around fusing music and providing artists with promotional opportunities.

The B-Side Project is managed by a small team of music producers and enthusiasts, with respected studio brand Prism Sound being joined by Shure and Genelec as sponsors for the project in 2017. The main objectives were and always will be to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production.  The project is also supported by ACS Custom, GIK Acoustics, ROLI and many more pro-audio brands as well as Sound On Sound as the official media partner.

Successful and popular remix tracks encourage the interest in original tracks, to the point where an artist or band has found their first break due to an alternative version of their song. In addition to this, syncing agreements within the advertising and film industries have provided amazing opportunities for artists (think of all the Levi’s ads and the success of the tracks used within them).

The project runs on a yearly basis, culminating in an annual awards event in the UK which is also streamed on the internet for global viewing and interaction. An exchange of worldwide talent is highly encouraged throughout and is facilitated in the project. Original artists are randomly paired with electronic music producers, and over the course of one year combined with various events taking place, the end result is a huge catalogue of exciting new music and partnerships.

This catalogue will be constantly developed and promoted, across various platforms of media, live performance and digital releases on the label B-Side Recordings (distributed by Republic Of Music) with tracks being given the option for publishing. If you are in a band, solo artist or electronic producer, please do sign up for updates on registration to the project.

The objectives are; to fuse formats of music (live formats such as singer-songwriter/acoustic/rock with electronic formats); to provide a platform for musical talent, both locally and by using international exchange; to promote local and international music communities; to provide the audiences with different influences.

The project develops year on year, and intends to be a spearheading influence on those artists and producers involved, will provide unique marketing tools for linked partners and brands, and hopes to make a significant mark on the music industry as a whole.

Benefits for participants:

• Promotion across a widespread platform
• Education of the music industry
• Links and contacts in the industry
• Potential track releases & Awards
• Potential gig & festival bookings internationally

Check the project entry page for when you can get involved!