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Minirigs are proudly based in Bristol UK, where they have brought together the world class design and engineering departments of Bristol University and UWE with inspiration from the vibrant Bristol music scene and sound system culture. Done purely for the love and fascination with the technology, the step was taken to design for manufacture and put the product into production – so as to share the great sound we had created with others. All products are designed and tested in their laboratory in Bristol, UK. Only the best possible, top quality components are utilised and despite the high cost of these components and UK based manufacture, we are still able to keep our prices low through efficient design strategies and selling direct to our customers. Through such strategies Minirigs have been able to assert themselves as a powerful player in portable music playback, whilst maintaining a good personal touch with their customers. B-Side Project are very happy to welcome the team on board as judges for their first year!


Facebook: minirigs.co.uk
Twitter: @minrigs
Instagram: @minirigs_bristol