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Talvin Singh

At 15, after convincing his parents and teachers to allow him to take early examinations, Talvin was initiated to become a disciple of the great academic and musician Lachman Singh Seen of Punjab. An estimated 25 pop albums of that time had Talvin’s melodic tabla rhythms or frenetic programming, and he worked with seminal artists Sun Ra and Massive Attack. It was during this late 80s-early 90s that Talvin recorded with Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound. Sessions for acts such as Audio Active, Keith LeBlanc and especially Dub Syndicate followed. As the early 90’s urban club and music scene rapidly progressed, Jungle and Drum ‘N’ Bass were being born in clubs like the Blue Note in Hoxton Square, east London. New acts such as Asian Dub Foundation, Joi and the State of Bengal were presented. He conceived and licensed a compilation album, “Anokha Soundz of Asian Underground” on his Omni label. Island Records offered Talvin a world-wide recording deal and the company was rewarded for its belief when Singh’s 1999 debut solo album “OK” won the celebrated Mercury Music Prize and the South Bank Prize, both for popular music, in the same year. Talvin Singh continues to write and produce music for personal projects and teaching, as a music director, and a Hollywood and Bollywood icon.


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Official website: talvinsingh.com