Over £15,000/$20,000 worth of pro-audio studio gear to win

Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital studio products for 29 years. Originally set up as an R&D consultancy developing designs for pro and consumer audio companies, Prism Sound now manufactures its own high-end recording and mastering products, as well as audio test and measurement equipment and networked audio logging systems.

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The producer who creates the overall best remix (as determined by the esteemed panel of judges) wins a Lyra pro audio interface worth £1,500/$2,000 as part of their extensive studio prize package.

“The Lyra exudes quality and class, both in its physical construction and in the sound quality of anything passing through it. Stereo imaging is deep and wide, with a crystal-clear transparency of micro-details in the mix. The microphone preamps are clean and quiet, with that slightly larger-than-life character at the bottom end I associate with high-quality designs.”

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The musician/band who’s original track was used for the top remix also wins a Lyra from Prism Sound!

For almost 40 years, Genelec has been the global leader in active monitoring. All Genelec products remain true to the company’s original philosophy - offering neutral sound reproduction, wide frequency response, low distortion and high SPL. With bullet-proof reliability and the ability to adapt to the acoustic conditions of the user’s own listening environment, owning a Genelec product is a secure long term investment in outstanding audio monitoring.

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The producer who creates the overall best remix will also win a pair of Genelec 8341A SAM monitors, with a GLM calibration software kit.
“These new monitors are genuine game-changers, and that we are in ‘product of the decade’ territory here! Genelec have set a new — and very high — benchmark for compact reference monitors.”

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B-Side Project are proud to present Shure as a new sponsor of the project.

Since 1925, they have been supplying the industry with high end audio equipment and now with products ranging from microphones through mixers and digital signal processors to headphones, earphones and personal monitor systems, Shure products are an essential in any studio.

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The Top Remix Producer will be awarded a pair of SRH940 production headphones as part of their prize package.

The Most Innovative Remix Award winner will also win a pair of SRH940 production headphones, as well as a Motiv MV51 Digital Condenser Microphone and a Motiv MV88 Microphone

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Details of MANY more prizes...

In addition to our sponsors, B-Side Project team are overwhelmed with the additional brand support,  boasting a total value of all pro-studio product prizes for various awards of over £15,000/$20,000 this year. One producer will have an entirely new studio, with acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics, microphone and headphones from Audio Technica, Seaboard Rise from ROLI, software suites from IK Multimedia and n-Track, plus a new portable monitor kit from Minirig.

There are also individual award prizes including custom ear protection from ACS Custom and even more product from Shure.  Not forgetting the chance to gain publishing contracts, track releases and festival/tour bookings, benefiting both the original artists and the remix producers alike.