Sound On Sound have become the exclusive media partner for B-Side Project in 2016. This is such a coup for the project as many remix contests across the globe want to be featured in the highly repected music production magazine.

Sound On Sound is recognised internationally as the ‘bible’ of the hi-tech music recording industry.

Every month our UK and USA magazine editions deliver consistently more pages than any competing title, packed full of in-depth product tests of Recording Systems, DAWs, Virtual Instruments, Plug-ins, Synthesizers, Keyboards & Rack Modules, Samplers, Audio Interfaces, Mixing Consoles, Effects & Signal Processors and not forgetting studio essentials like Microphones and Monitors, plus the best Musician/Mix Engineer/Record Producer interviews you’ll read anywhere.

Our regular tutorials and practical ‘how to’ technique workshops offer no-nonsense advice for beginners and professionals alike, across the whole spectrum of recording and production skills, helping readers gain the most from their studio equipment. is an amazing collaboration network for music creators.  Their platform makes the process of producing music interactive, and the social aspect of it helps musicians and producers alike share music projects in source format, perfect for remixing, collaborating, learning from and gathering feedback from others in the global community.  In addition to this, music fans can discover original new music and participate in the creative process.

So, it made sense for B-Side Project and Blend to become buddies!  Roli acquired Blend in 2015 and saw the benefits of B-Side Project and Blend working together, and we are now using the Blend platform for our Education Phase, whereby La Roux will be sharing track stems to our registered colleges.  For more information on this phase, go to our Education page.

After founding Sub Pop, signing Nirvana, and putting Seattle on the map while orchestrating the worldwide Grunge phenomenon, Bruce Pavitt took a step back. He “retired” from the music industry to raise a family on Orcas, a remote island in the Northwest corner of Washington State. It’s a small community, so it wasn’t long before he met musician, producer and tech entrepreneur, Adam Farish. The two bonded over a shared love of music, and discussed what the future of the industry would look like. They agreed it would be participatory, interactive, and mobile.

Fast forward 10 years, and iOS technology finally caught up to their shared vision. Soon Adam began to design a new audio format and platform that would allow any listener to remix music on their phone. Adam then showed his prototype to Bruce. Bruce, given his history in promoting regional culture, immediately saw it as a way to revolutionise the music industry. They officially incorporated as 8Stem in 2015.

B-Side Project have teamed up with 8stem, bringing Adam and Bruce on board as Judges, and will be organising a public competition in September 2017 so watch this space! is the world’s largest community for fans of sampled music, cover songs and remixes – and the team at B-Side Project absolutely love it!  WhoSampled is open to everyone to submit information about a sample or remix, and subject to approval it will be added to the database, published across their platforms to be discovered and discussed across the world.  Our B-Side Project top ten album tracks will be listed, both the original songs and the remixes.

We have free apps to give away to our social media followers each month, so make sure you link with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And we are very pleased to have WhoSampled’s very own Chris Read on our judging panel

PRS have shown support for the project as we want to educate musicians and producers about the vast complex area that is music royalties. We will be sending out news and updates on the music royalty collection area of the music business each month, so please do sign up for our newsletters. PRS look after artists and producers in the UK but can also assist those based across the globe. However, for a full list of royalty collection societies, to find out your country contact, please click here.

PRS for Music is home to some of the world’s best songwriters, composers and music publishers, and a repertoire of more than 14 million songs, of every imaginable genre and style.

PRS for Music is a membership organisation that plays a crucial role in making sure that songwriters, composers and music publishers earn a livelihood from the music that people live, shop, eat and work by. The organisation was founded in 1914 to collect and distribute royalties to the people who create the music that we love – from established artists to fledgling new talent. We represent more than 118,000 members who rely on us to earn a living for their craft.

The PRS for Music licence makes it easier for businesses, broadcasters and companies to pay for the use of songwriters’ musical compositions and lyrics, for the benefit of their audiences, products, customers and staff. In this way, over the span of a century, PRS for Music has been ensuring that music creators are fairly paid whenever their work is played, performed or reproduced: supporting the continued creation of wonderful music that brings our homes, streets businesses and neighbourhoods to life.

Getting the right final mix-down of your music is so fundamental to the creation process, and we are very pleased to have Fluid Mastering as part of our team.  The top ten remix tracks, and their original tracks, will get mastered by these industry pros. Fluid Mastering was formed in late 2006 by Tim Debney & Nick Watson, both formerly Mastering Engineers at London’s renowned Townhouse Studios. Tim & Nick have over 45 years experience between them, mastering music in every style from traditional Rock, Jazz and Folk through to more contemporary electronic Dance, R&B and Pop. The overall winning producer will watch and be involved in their remix being mastered in Fluid’s top class studios.

Check out their array of credits and experience plus a showcase of tracks and informative videos on YouTube.

Metropolis Studios and Metropolis Mastering have a part to play in the success and growth of the B-Side Project as well as the musicians and producers that have taken part. The studios played host to the first two physical awards events and the top class engineers mastered the top ten remix tracks ready for release. We couldn’t have asked for more support from such a world-renowned music industry studio!

“By all accounts the B-Side Project Remix Awards is one of the best events we have ever been involved with at Metropolis!”
– Ian Brenchley CEO of Metropolis Studios, 2016.

We want to thank the team at Metropolis for their amazing support.  News on our new studio partner and awards venue to follow soon!